A new way to sell energy services

The all-in-one quotation and sizing solution for energy solutions providers

Do you still sell energy services the old way?

Go from this

Using several different tools

Lots of back and forth across teams

Long administrative processes

High volume of unqualified leads and low conversion rate

To this

Create branded proposals in minutes

Benefit from automation to do technical sizing

Run pricing & PPA analysis real time for each project

Monitor pipeline & profitability

Let us give you a sneak peak...

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Technical sizing and system design

  • Set up your solar system by inserting panel groups and defining exclusions
  • Define structure, panel type, panel slope, roof material, and roof orientation
  • Benefit from radiation depiction and exclude shaded panels
  • Benefit from the best-automated storage solution for the designed system
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Financial modeling and customized business models

  • Use different business models (upfront, instalments, our PPAs)
  • Apply risk rules to specific business models
  • Base your decision on accessing your clients' credit risk profile
  • Define the target margins for the project
  • Set up the financial metrics and verify the sensitivity analysis
  • Include possible grants in your analysis
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Seamless user experience with your branding

  • Benefit from a holistic user experience that serves the needs of different types of users
  • Use our software with your branding, generating customized documents
  • Create beautiful documents (e.g. contracts) automatically, with a detailed project outline, company presentation, financial metrics, etc.

From quotation to installation, with 3 modules available:

Join us for the energy transition and rump up your business

Join us for the energy transition and rump up your business

Effizency's global partnerships


Members of Solar
Power Europe

Effizency adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) framework for information security. It has been ISO certified since 2022.


Members of Solar
Power Europe

Effizency joined Solar Power Europe in 2022 to expand its role and contribute to the European energy community.


Microsoft Silver Partner

Effizency has extended access to Microsoft Azure training and resources as a Microsoft partner. In addition, effizency is committed to using best-of-breed cloud architectures, ensuring our client’s assets’ security and availability.