Get Real-Time Pre-Approved Rooftop Solar PV PPA €/MWh at Intersolar with Effizency!

Are you a German installer helping commercial & industrial (C&I) clients save with solar? Do you have potential clients who can’t afford the solar systems you designed? Looking for a corporate partner to fund it and get the job done? Attending Intersolar 2024 this year? Want to know real-time an €/MWh tariff for your client to start saving from day one?

Look no further! Visit Effizency at Booth B5.772 and discover how we can assist you live and in real time.

⭐ 5-15 Min estimate of a pre-approved funding for your project in real-time
Get an estimated €/MWh within minutes for your specific C&I B2B client project, designed live at the event, with further steps to validate assumptions conducted right after.

⭐ Partner-up with EDP and Effizency
Benefit from Effizency partnership with EDP, a leading solar distributed generation and energy provider, and become part of the ecosystem.

⭐ Automation to scale your business

Offer “no money down” solutions to your clients with pre-approved rooftop PV PPAs at the click of a button on Effizency platform. Close more deals and scale your business effortlessly.
What we need from you:

✅ Bring details of the project (at least: address; consumption/y).

✅ Acknowledge that a certain process needs to be further conducted for a one-time case, but more automation can be achieved with ongoing collaboration.

Join us at Booth B5.772 and take one more step to accelerate your business with innovative solar PV offers, produced efficiently alongside with EDP, the most sustainable utility in the world according to Dow Jones Sustainability Index