Explore Effizency’s exclusive Installer webinar “Mastering Heat Pump Proposal Generation: Qualification, Regulatory Calculations, and Automation Management” through the replay available here.

Discover how to quickly qualify leads, produce technical reports, and create detailed proposals in an automated way. Learn strategies for accurate heat loss calculations while adhering to regulations and explore automation methods to increase efficiency in equipment management and cost tracking.

Acquire practical skills and essential knowledge for staying ahead in the evolving field of heat pump installation. Watch the replay to connect with industry experts and peers, fostering valuable connections for future collaborations.

What installers will learn:

  • Enhance the lead qualification system: Generating rapid proposals for heat pumps.
  • Execute real-time heat loss calculations in compliance with regulations.
  • Ensure comprehensive management of equipment list and costs to achieve full automation.


  • Diogo Lemos: Lead Product Manager
  • Mark Powell: Building Services Mechanical Design Engineer